Logix: Multi-Language Programming

Logix is more than a programming language. It is multi-language programming system. With Logix, each part of your program can be developed in a language that is finely tuned to the task.

Featuring a procedural macro facility, dynamic syntax extension, and multi-language parsing. A new operator, complete with syntax and semantics, can be added on-the-fly with a single line of code.

Multi-Language Programming is here! Like to see how? Try the 60 second intro.

Logix can...

Logix is flexible enough to create a wide range of languages, for example:

Better still, Logix supports multiple embedded languages, so all of these languages could be used in the same project or even the same file, each with its own syntax, but freely sharing data.

Logix is...

An alternate front-end for Python

Logix compiles to Python byte-code and can be freely mixed with regular Python modules. Logix has an interactive shell, similar to Python's.

A dynamically extensible language

Logix syntax can be extended on the fly - even at the interactive prompt. Logix is like Lisp with extensible syntax. Or, Logix is Python with syntax extension, expression based syntax, and a powerful macro system.

Open source

Logix is released under the GPL.

Under development (no longer)

Current status: alpha (version 0.4.2)

Current Situation

Logix is no longer under development, and the original author, Tom Locke, has moved on to other projects. This website is an effort to keep this interesting work accessible on the Internet. The original website (www.livelogix.com) is only accessible through the Wayback Machine.